Sunday, January 18, 2004

As long as it takes.

Once again, the soldiers of darkness try to spread their theory, the theory of horror, among our people to in desperate desire to stop the wheel of life.
I mentioned in a previous post that they’re targeting life in its; opportunities, childhood and hard work. And I mentioned that we –as Iraqis- have decided to go through this war as we believe in our just and legal cause. And I hope that no one will be misled to think that the target here is the Iraqi model alone.
No, they’re targeting freedom as a principle of life.
Yes, I say it once again; we’re fighting in a (war on behalf). And when we ask for the free world’s help, it’s because we feel that it’s a war of all the free and it's just another step in a long hard, yet unavoidable struggle.
We’re not doing a favor for the others, and no one is doing us a favor; the concerns are common, and the war is everyone’s responsibility.
Our failure is your failure too, and also our success is yours too.

And away from emotions, vulgar as this may seem, I think it's true: People who think that the USA will simply pull out of Iraq because of these attacks prove that they are less realistic than they think they are. The failure in Iraq will simply doom any future step to fight terrorism to failure. And even if the majority in America is against staying in Iraq for another year or two, one should not over estimate the power of American public opinion. This is certainly not Vietnam or Somalia and whether we (Iraqis as well as Americans) like it or not, America will stay in Iraq "As long as it takes" There is no safe retreat here, and if you don't believe me wait and time will prove which one of us was optimistic, realistic and right. If I was wrong and America does pull soon out of Iraq, what do you think will happen? I'm afraid that we will both be unsafe, but for different reasons. Iraq will be unsafe because of the risks of theocracy and civil war (2 possible events if it wasn't for the presence of the overwhelming American power). Yet Iraq will get rid of one threat; the terrorist Mujahideen! Yes these will simply follow your soldiers wherever you go, just as they followed you from Afghanistan to Iraq (they're still functioning there, but their focus now is Iraq). Some will say: do our soldiers have to go anywhere? The answer is simply: yes. You tried to stay away from (the old world's troubles) many times, and what was the result? I'll leave the answer to you.

Everyone should understand this point, and we should repeat it whenever we got the chance, so that the one who sits watching his TV, giving excuses or analyses without feeling bitter about what’s happening to my people or his country men who volunteered to fight in this war and question the need for this war will understand and feel the depth of the conflict.
Our brothers and your sons are bleeding for our sake, for your sake and for the sake of the whole free world.
I wish you can come and see Baghdad’s streets after today’s crime. No one ran away to his home, life didn’t stop, students didn’t quit their exams, banks and shops are still open and police patrols still moving in the streets.
The streets were crowded, and people were shouting loudly this time “LET THE MUJAHIDEEN GO TO HELL”.
Terrorists say “we want death more than you want life” I say “we want life more than death, because it’s God’s gift, and we appreciate his gift”.
We will not give our lives up, the doctor will stay in his hospital, the policeman will keep doing his duty and the soldiers –from all over the world- who chose to fight will stay in their positions.
You must remember this well; no one is safe from the threats of the terrorists or their violence, but we’re determined to keep up the work.
I’m not trying to look like a saint, yes, we have our fear and anxiety but we dream and work, and your soldiers and our policemen and soldiers sacrifice their lives in the hope of achieving peace and freedom not only in Iraq, but also(in the near future as I believe) in the whole region. For as long as there are still dictatorships and totalitarian regimes in neighboring countries, Iraq, America and the whole world will never be safe.
I’m looking forward for the future, and I’m sure about victory in this war, and we must never lose our belief in the coming victory.
We will not let the pessimistic and those who try to let us down have their bad effect on our determination.
We will all pass this period, and then we shall celebrate the rebuilding of Iraq, and then cowards will have no place among us.

::By Mohammed and Ali.

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