Sunday, January 11, 2004

Before it's too late.

By: I. Adnan


Its been 9 months since the liberation of Iraq, its not too long but its not too short either and there is no chance denying what Coalition Forces accomplished on security level by eliminating the remnants of the (Ba’ath) party, on top of it Saddams capture which all Iraqis and maybe the whole world doubted that he’ll never be captured and will disappear forever just like Usama Bin Ladin but his capture proved to everyone that the hand of justice is still strong enough chasing the wanted ones and gave us a hope in capturing Bin Ladin for the souls of thousands of his innocent victims to rest in peace.
What’s now… everybody wonder and everyone in Iraq is waiting. Waiting for things to get better and for life to be easier and happier as it’s been so long since they lived a happy day. But how common people see things and how they look at life and through what kind of perspective? If you start asking anyone in Baghdad how is your life? He’ll start complaining about the general utilities (electricity, fuel…etc) and you know what? They have the right to complain since the situation of general utilities is miserable and started having bad effect on the simple people life who hope to live a happy life after the tyrant and his regime are gone.
If the situation in Iraq continues to be like what it is now it will lead us to (lack of trust) situation in which can evolve to candid opposition to the American existence in Iraq which is very essential to Iraq stability and we all know that there are many powers and trends seeking for this (lack of trust) situation and will try their best to increase it and the fact is that they don’t need to do much efforts since problems already exist and they only need to promote them to the people in a wicked way.
What do we want…? To hurry up and start right away to win the trust of people through taking care of their needs and this also will help the literate people who are doing their best to explain to the average Iraqi people the benefits and importance of the American existence in Iraq to ensure its safety and stability.
We all know that the United States and her allies have allocated too much money for Iraq reconstruction and they are spending this money right now but the problem is that there is nothing significant on the ground! And for a simple man who thinks of today and don’t know much about tomorrow its useless to speak to him about the bright future of Iraq cause he’s already doubting it.
So for everyone who want to see the stability in Iraq again I say take care of the simple people needs cause they are the majority of the Iraqi people and they are the nucleus of stability in it. So please hurry up before it’s too late.

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