Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sadrist MP: Will not Let Da’awa get the Premiership

The head of the Sadrist bloc in the parliament said the new alliance (the replacement of the main Shiite bloc, the UIA) could be formed without the Da’awa Party, if the latter insisted on certain conditions. The Da’awa Party, led by PM Maliki, had previously demanded half the bloc’s future share of seats and the premiership as conditions for joining the UIA.

The Sadrists seem to have run out of patience with Maliki and the Da’awa; the language they used suggest that's the case.
“The Sadrist bloc will not allow the premiership go to the Da’awa”. Aqeel Abdul-Hussein, the Sadrist MP told al-Mashriq newspaper. Abdul-Hussein added that Da’aw’s participation in the UIA is trivial matter “The Da’awa Party’s departure from the UIA does not mean the alliance could not be formed. Neither would Da’awa’s addition mean the UIA was missing anything without them”.

Meanwhile, Maliki is receiving offers from Sunni political powers to form a new alliance. He told reporters that there are certain Sunni parties that are asking him to expand the State of Law bloc and join forces with them to prepare for the upcoming elections.

Between these two contrasting attitudes, Maliki may not find it difficult to pick a side.

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