Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baghdad: Cell involved in Wednesday's attacks captured

State owned al-Sabah reports that a special force of the ministry of interior captured 14 suspects believed to have been involved in the August 19 attacks in Baghdad that killed more than a hundred people.

The confessions of the captured cell members lead to the bomb factory where the trucks used in the attacks were made. Inside the factory, which was in the Ghazaliyah district in northwestern Baghdad, another truck-bomb was found and disposed of.

Security sources told the newspaper that the MOI force identified the owner of the truck that was used in the attack on the foreign ministry through the vehicle's plate.
It is not clear though how the plates survived the force of the massive explosion.

The report adds that the suicide bomber who drove the truck was released from Camp Bucca just three months ago, according to one of his relatives who is in MOI custody. The unnamed bomber was a member of the so called Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella group of terrorist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda in Iraq.

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