Monday, August 24, 2009

Baghdad Pleased to see Salih form Kurdistan’s cabinet

The spokesman of the Iraqi government Ali al-Dabbagh said Baghdad was pleased to see Barham Salih (the outgoing deputy PM) preside over the new cabinet in Kurdistan. Dabbagh said Salih, from his new position, will contribute to the success of dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil. He described Salih as a politician “who maintains good relations and has great diplomatic skills that enable him to solve many of the outstanding issues between the region and the center” and added “we have confidence that Salih will improve our relations”.

Indeed, Salih has a good reputation for being the sound of reason. His personality, and the time he spent as Maliki's deputy make him more accepted and respected in Baghdad. Therefore he will have a better chance to improve the relations between Baghdad and Erbil than his predecessor.

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