Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Shiite-Sunni political coalition formed

A new political bloc involving both Sunni and Shiite political and tribal figures was announced in Baghdad yesterday. The new bloc, Bayariq al-Iraq includes 20 registered political entities.

Prominent and influential members include Yousif al-Haboubi, the independent politician who won most of the votes in the provincial elections in Kerbala earlier this year. There is also Ali Hatem Ali Sulaiman, chief of the powerful al-Dulaim tribes in western Iraq.

According to Suleiman, the coalition involves more than a 100 Sahwat (Awakening) leaders from Baghdad and surrounding areas. However, Suleiman admitted that the other two senior Awakening figures (Hameed Hayis and Thamir al-Timimi) are not part of the coalition.
"Hayis found himself in the National Iraqi Alliance (formerly known as UIA) while Timimi has not made up his mind yet" Suleiman explained.

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