Monday, August 10, 2009

Abdul-Mahdi Allowed the Burglars to Escape

The case of the Zuwiyah bank robbery is not going away any time soon.
Serious developments have taken place over the past few days. A leading ISCI figure (sheik Jalal ad-Din al-Saghier) harshly attacked the state-owned al-Sabah over an article that alluded to ISCI officials’ involvement in the robbery. Saghier went as far as accusing the newspaper of following Ba’athist agendas!

Al-Sabah actually immediately “suspended” the author of that article, perhaps to protect him. The editor in chief of al-Sabah, Falah al-Meshaal, warned that Saghier’s threats put the lives of his colleagues in danger.

The unprecedented exchange of threats shows how deep the divide has become between ISCI and al-Maliki on one hand, and ISCI and the Ministry of Interior (whose chief, minister Bolani spearheaded the attacks on ISCI) on the other hand. Al-Sabah and her journalists are the scapegoats in this fight.

Things keep getting more interesting. Earlier today, PM Nouri al-Maliki himself joined the fight when he took an unexpected jab at VP Aadil Abdul-Mahdi. Maliki told reporters that in the beginning, VP Abdul-Mahdi told him that “Those who robbed the bank are a group of a special [presidential] guards unit. The criminals and the [stolen] money are under control”. Maliki then asked Abdul-Mahdi “to apprehend them and hand them over to proper authorities”.

Here comes the bombshell, Maliki finally reveals that Adul-Mahdi was indeed complicit with the suspects and allowed their escape.
“The money was returned, but the criminals were not turned in to the proper law enforcement apparatus”.

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