Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Muqtada leader of the Assassins.

According to “The Washington Times”,coalition forces in Iraq seized what’s worth 30 million $ of heroin intended to be sold in Iraq by Sadr militia. It seems that he’s been getting it from Iran and using the money he gets from selling it to pay the salaries of his pious followers. Not only that but some of the fighters in his army were under the effect of heroin when they were fighting!

Hashish or drugs in general were used before by some religious groups to make their followers believe whatever they want them to, and it seems that the “Assassins” or “Al-Hashashin” were the 1st to use it. The story is that one of those 'religious' guys back near the end of the Abbasseen era who lived in northern Iran managed to create a legion of fanatic killers by using Hashish. His assistants used to give Hashish to one of those poor men he would chose, and they were mainly poor simple men, and then after they lose consciousness or detach from reality, his men would take the poor man to their master’s castle which was reported to be a very beautiful place built over an enchanting piece of nature and in which one could find some really beautiful women. So when the poor lad awaken he sees himself in this peace of heaven and would be told that he actually is in heaven for a short time and in order to stay there he has to go back to earth and kill someone, usually a political figure.

In this way the leader of the “Assassins” managed to acquire a great effect in the political field by threatining his rivals with death, relying on a group of fanatic ignorant drugged men, in most of Iran for nearly 200 years and it seems that history is repeating itself here. Many Iraqis were already aware of the fact that the “Mehdi Army” was using and trading with drugs but this should get more coverage so that more Iraqis as well as Arabs and people everywhere in the world get to know the reality of these thugs whom the major media still insist to call them “legitimate resistance”! Have some honesty, will you!

Read more about this here.

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