Thursday, October 28, 2004

Congratulations my friends!! few months more and you’ll be able to watch the same sh** we’re watching here.
We will all be able to watch and enjoy the indispensable and most honest news station of all times, Al Jazeera.
We tried many times to describe to you how biased and hateful the channel is but some of you kept saying “No way, you must be exaggerating. No channel can be more biased than the BBC or CNN”.
Now, you’re about to explore Al jazeera yourselves; “Al Jazeera International” is planned to be launched in 2005 and it will be in English with four bureaus in London, Doha, Washington and somewhere in far east Asia.

The managing director of the new branch of Al Jazeera, Nigel Parsons said that the programs they intend to broadcast from the new channel are going to be slightly different from the ones currently showed on the Arabic mother channel.

The network said last month it planned to launch an English-language news channel to counteract what it says is unbalanced reporting from Western networks such as CNN and the BBC”
Funny, right?

Parsons also said :
"Our target audience is everyone who speaks English. We will have a slightly different agenda than the Arabic speaking channel”

You’re going to become targets ! Everybody, take cover !

Read the full story here.

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