Sunday, October 24, 2004

Iran has reportedly asked the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to add 97.2 billion dollars to its Iraqi debt assessment to cover reparations for the 1980-1988 war between the two countries.

From my place I’d like to assure the Mullahs and tell them :
Don’t worry our Muslim brothers, we’re never going to run away from our commitments towards our friends in Iran and we intend to compensate for those damages although were cause by Saddam’s regime, as we were part of this in a way by not stopping that brutal dictator from destroying your country. So as a free Iraqi citizen I want to tell you on behalf of all Iraqis that we will use our new found freedom to pressure the elected government in the future to pay you what could help you overcome the tragic losses that were inflicted on you by Saddam’s regime.
One small detail, we want to schedule this, as it’s not possible to pay all this money tomorrow! So I think it would be fair that our future elected government start handing this money to the Iranian government without any delay...soon after Operation Iranian Freedom.

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