Sunday, October 17, 2004

I received an interesting e-mail today. It may not look that strange to westerns but it is to us. The mail was from an Iraqi who owns a restaurant in Baghdad and who was advertising his restaurants to foreigners who work or intend to go to Baghdad. I don’t know why we received this one , maybe he was doing some search on the internet about firms or organizations working in Iraq and our site just came through somehow.

The mail was boring, like all other advertisement you get in mail, and it was full of spelling and grammar mistakes but the whole idea was very interesting to me. This was the 1st advertizing mail I get from an Iraqi living in Iraq, and I suppose it’s at least one of the 1st advertising mails sent by an Iraqi living in Iraq in English to anyone. I don’t know, it may sound ridiculous to some that I give such importance to a stupid advertising mail, but you have to be an Iraqi to understand why I was thrilled about it. It gave me hope because more Iraqis are planning for the future, making use of the Internet and information technology and seem to be optimistic and welcoming foreigners. It’s all about money of course but it’s still an encouraging sign and I guess that’s mainly what it is all about; peace and free economy.

Here’s the mail if you feel like reading it and I don’t think the guy will mind us doing this, as we are giving him a free advertizing.

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