Monday, October 18, 2004

A legal question.

From New Sabah (Arabic):
New Sabah has learned from “special sources” in “Baladrouz” 45 Km. southeast Ba’aquba that one of the IP units managed to arrest a young man who is a member of a radical fundamentalist group who has taped, produced and distributed a documentary film that he named “ Baladrouz hell”. The film encourage violence, killing IP and ING members and glorify military actions performed by terrorist gangs in Ramadi, Fallujah and Ba’aquba.

Meanwhile the multinational forces in Baladrouz arrested last week Sheikh Younis the Imam of “Fajr Il Islam” mosque in Baladrouz with the charge of being involved in terrorist activities. In addition, the multinational forces arrested retired general “Sagban Turky” a commander of one of the divisions in the former army with the charges of providing shelter for the terrorist.

I didn’t know that “producing documentary films that encourage violence and glorify terrorism was a crime”! I mean Al Jazeerah do it all the time, most of the MSM do it all the time and no one seems to care about it! Instead you find Al Jazeerah accusing the interim Iraqi government of fighting freedom of speech, and the western media accusing the coalition governments of lying and launching an illegal war! Who’s seeing things backwards and who should consider contacting their lawyers?!

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