Saturday, October 16, 2004

Insurance company back to work.

The “Iraqi Insurance State Company” (owned by the government) issued insurance documents for accidents, killing, terrorist attacks...etc
This is a very good step that has many good aspects, as the insurance for life has stopped to work for more than 10 years and so was insurance for robbery and this may give an idea about how secure and stable Iraq was before the war. For more than a decade before the war the government simply couldn’t afford to commit to such documents because of the wide spread of armed robbery and crime. They couldn't provide insurance for life, cars or houses or anything that matter. They were telling us frankly "we can't protect you and we won't make it easier for you".

The fact that despite all the violence that Iraq is witnessing the government is now willing to make such a risky commitment tells a lot. It shows that they are willing to perform their jobs despite the risks and costs and it shows a belief in that the security situation is going to improve in the near future or at least it’s not going to deteriorate. It shows a belief that the true chaotic state we lived in before the war and which is still affecting our lives considerably is not going to last.
Read more about it from Al Sabah.

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