Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Drinking water poisoned in Baghdad?!

Right now I’m listening to at least two or three voices from distant loudspeakers (possibly from mosques’ minarets) telling the residents in the north eastern part of Baghdad to strictly avoid drinking tap water because “the water has been poisoned”!

It could be just a rumor or it could be part of the all-out-war waged by al-Qaeda on Iraqis on the election eve.

I hope it turns out to be just a rumor...


Residents in other regions of Baghdad have also heard the warning but till now there are no reports on any casualties.
I have received a call from a friend who’s a doctor on night call in Baghdad’s medical city and he confirmed that they haven’t administered any water-poisoning cases tonight.

So it’s probably a mere rumor.

Just now al-Iraqia TV confirmed that the whole thing is untrue, according to a statemnet from the ministry of health.

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