Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I couldn’t help but ROTFL when I read this report about the Paris riots:

Faced with widespread lawlessness, some people in France have started defending their property. In Seine-Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris rocked by several nights of unrest, a community group has started patrolling local properties armed with….

Here I was expecting shotguns, rifles or pistols to complete the sentence but then thought No, this is Europe and there must be laws against carrying firearms in public so I thought baseball bats would be the weapon of choice but again No I told myself; this is France they’re talking about and they don’t play baseball in France, so what did the community group carry to defend their property?
"pepper spray and heavy flashlights" was the answer!! I don’t know how you see this but to me it feels like telling the rioters ‘come here and bring that piece of pizza, I have a pepper spray in my hand’ or ‘come and pose for a photo, I brought this excellent flashlight with me!’.

Sarcasm off…
I feel sorry for what’s going on in France and in particular for Paris which is a city I adore but I don’t feel sorry for French administrations that brought this upon themselves and their country with their poor immigration policies over the last decades. Unfortunately this applies to several other European countries as well.
It is okay to accept refugees and immigrants and provide them with shelter and jobs but these people must follow the laws of their new place and respect its culture just like they want to have their own cultures respected and they must not be allowed to change the shape of the host country.

I’m not sure I can write this and make sense but I believe that European governments and large parts of the natives there failed to distinguish between oppressed people and wanted fascist extremists who fled their native countries; the first group fled their original countries looking for a better place where they can live a real life and grant their children a chance for a better future and they do deserve to be given the opportunity to do this in a place other than their dictators-ruled countries while the latter; well, they want to take over in any place they happen to exist in and they want to impose their vision on others without the least respect for their hosts.
If things continue to move the way they’re doing now, I’m afraid Europe will wake up some day to find itself infested with extremism to a degree that could possibly surpass what we see in many of today’s Muslim countries.

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