Friday, November 18, 2005

An aggression, not a reaction.

The scene in Iraq today was one of blood and destruction; there were large suicide attacks that targeted two Sheat mosques in Khanaqeen and al-Hamra hotel in Baghdad, a hotel mainly used by journalists.
Some have tried to make this look as if it were a Sunni reaction for the scandal of Jadiriyah detention center and as an operation avenging the tortured prisoners.

In fact, the torture scandal will have serious consequences on the current government and actually the members of the Sheat coalition are already shocked by Jafari’s call for investigating the incident which may end up with charges against members of his own alliance in “a test for Jafari’s credibility and integrity” as many Iraqi papers described the case.

In my opinion, these attacks are not a Sunni reaction as much as it represents a continuation for the terrorists plan to provoke a civil war in Iraq because attacks against mosques are not something new and we’ve seen many of such attacks in the past two years but the torture scandal came as a motivation for carrying out more attacks and making them look like a reaction rather than an act of aggression.

These attacks are obviously aiming at dragging Iraqis into a cycle of revenge and exchanged violence and that is the perpetrators’-and their allies-main objective.
The countries that are backing militias on each side are working hard to pull Iraq to an endless violence and instability; Iran on one side supporting Sheat militias and Syria on the other backing Sunni fighters while regimes of the two countries are shaking hands congratulating themselves on the blood pool they created and that is keeping their thrones safe for sometime.

The current government is in a very bad situation and political rivals who are looking forward to winning the elections are waging a relentless attack on the government even before the results of the investigation have not appeared yet.

Many are trying to invest this scandal to serve his interests and it seems that we’re about to face a big political storm that will apparently make the coming month until the elections come a long and tough one.

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