Friday, November 25, 2005

Announcing a contest!

Don’t you think this blog needs a real banner in the title area and possibly a nice logo too?
Well if you think you can design that sort of things consider yourself invited to this design contest!
Submit your suggested banner/logo to me by email within the next three weeks, Mohammed and I will check the suggested designs and pick five of them which will be then displayed on the blog for nomination by you and the design that gets the highest number of your votes will be adopted and placed at the top of this blog.

Please keep in mind that the design will need to include the phrase “Iraq The Model” it and it is preferred to choose colors that harmonize with the current colors of the blog.

The best design award will be:
1-A big round of applause.
2-A HUGE Thank You from me and Mohammed.
3-Drinks and dinner in the finest Baghdad restaurant when the winner makes her/his first visit to Baghdad.

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