Saturday, July 16, 2005

The curfew concert!

I read about a great story in Al-Sabah two days ago.

It was Friday night last week when hundreds of Baghdadis and a bunch of famous Iraqi artists worked around the curfew to enjoy a night full of music and joy.
The event took place at Al- Jadiriyah Club that lies along the Tigris in the eastern side Baghdad.

The planners arranged the schedule so that the concert lasts through the duration of the curfew, so people started flocking to the club a few hours before the curfew starts (used to be at 11 pm, but a few days ago it was moved to midnight) and then the concert lasted for several hours through the curfew till the early hours of the morning, i.e. after the curfew was over!

What added to the spirit of the event was the presence of the famous Iraqi Artist Fo'ad Salim who's been out of the country for nearly 25 years as he was "wanted" by Saddam's regime and this concert was the 1st time for Salim to perform in such a big concert in Baghdad since then.

It's really amazing how Iraqis can come up with creative ideas to override obstacles in order to live and enjoy their lives.
Anyway, I wish I knew about this concert earlier. Well, maybe next time!

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