Friday, September 10, 2004

"Spirit of America" have carried out many successful helpful projects in Iraq. One of those was distributing sandals for children and barrels for carrying water. The barrels are especially important and helpful to Iraqis living in rural areas where water supply is still very poor and not that clean. People need to get drinking water from water treatment plants which can be distant to many, and this make it essential for each family to have such containers. However, this is not easy, as these barrels cost a lot compared to what poor Iraqi families can afford.

We had the pleasure and honor to be part of this project as the shipment ended accidentally in our house and had to be picked up a couple of days later, since we were always connecting and trying to help these great guys through our friend Kerry Dupont who is one of the great people working in Spirit of America. We didn’t plan for that, that’s true but we are happy that we served in accomplishing the task in one way or another.

This project that was carried out lately is of great help to hundreds of Iraqi families and will also have a good effect on how these families view American presence in Iraq and will open many eyes to who their friends are. Can it be the “resistance” that destroy water pipes and infrastructure in general, or the “invaders” who help them to overcome these difficulties? I think pictures like this one tell it better than I can.

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