Thursday, September 30, 2004

It’s another sad day here in Iraq..
The terrorists have resumed their evil plans as we expected before and their bloody attack today targeted both, Iraqi civilians and American soldiers and unfortunately this is not going to end soon.

Today’s attack was the ugliest and most coward one; the butchers murdered children with cold blood and then attacked the brave soldiers who came to rescue the injured...I can’t imagine something crueler. It seems like they used Iraqi children to get to the American soldiers although I believe that killing Iraqis civilians, even children, is one of their primary goals, at least in this phase prior to the elections.

Those murderers who slaughtered tens of kids this morning in Baghdad will keep attacking Iraqi civilians from now until the elections day to terrorize them, prevent them from building their country, having a normal life and to stop this country from being a democracy. Iraqis should be too terrorized to vote.
On the other hand, they will also keep trying to kill as many American soldiers as they can and they will concentrate their operations in the coming two months in an attempt to affect the course of the American elections.

God bless the souls of the Iraqis and Americans who fell today and may God help their families.
We are so sad today but we will not despair.

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