Thursday, September 23, 2004

I’ve seen this before..

The problem is the same and the regime under question is much like the previous one, actually they’re always alike with only few exceptions regarding the outfit and the disguise they use.
They all treat their people with much neglect and violence. They’re all sources of troubles for their neighbors with ambitions to initiate troubles in distant places but probably the most distinctive common factor among those regimes is their hysterical pursue for WMD’s which is usually accompanied by their lousy attempts to fool their people and the world to hide their past crimes and their evil future plans.
Well...we must admit that they can fool some governments and a sizable part of the public opinion; to be more accurate I have to say that governments are more likely to adopt certain attitudes after being paid or intimidated rather than fooled whereas the public opinion is unfortunately more liable to be fooled by its own government, and the media in many cases.

So, as a person who had been watching a similar ‘movie’ from inside, I guess I may have a more clear vision than people following the events from outside.
The IAEA resolution was a good step for this stage but I’m concerned about the next stage.
The world must keep the course and exert more pressure in the future because the mullahs will try their best to override this ‘obstacle’.
The situation is serious and there’s no reason to think that it’s not and no one should take the risk of underestimating the threat; nukes in the hands of the mullahs would be the worst thing that threatens the world’s peace in the 21st century.
There’s no way to think that the mullahs are showing all this determination in keeping their nuclear program and risking their existence for the sake of their country’s progress because they (the mullahs) just like all other oppressive regimes, don’t care a bit for the welfare of their people.

What worries me here is that so far there’s a relatively strong international agreement and a united attitude against the Iranian nuclear projects but it doesn’t seem to be strong enough to face the persistent efforts by the Iranian regime to acquire nuclear weapons. Efforts that clearly will not be stopped by mere diplomatic efforts unless backed up by real and expressed determination from the international community to reply effectively in case of failure of peaceful means.
Will Europe (you know which part of Europe I mean) do something to protect the world if the Mullahs in Iran decided to continue defying the world’s demands?

We’ve seen Europe standing with the US in the beginning of the last conflict with Saddam in 2001-2002 and the Europeans agreed with the 1441 resolution or at least remained silent but unfortunately they quit their responsibilities when Saddam violated the Security Council resolutions. They agreed in the beginning that Saddam had to be disarmed but they shoed that they would do nothing to make this happen when Saddam responded with deceptive maneuvers that were clearly leading no where. They even stood strongly against the coalition efforts to carry out a decision they had already agreed on.

Talking about peaceful utilization of nuclear power while they show off their military power is totally unconvincing. More over, this new 1700 km missile is definitely not a message of reassurance to Iran’s neighbors because improving such long-range missiles suggest that a sophisticated war head is to be loaded on this missile because it’s illogical to supply such missile that must have cost a lot to develop, with conventional war heads.
Now that the mullahs are pushing their luck and decided to resume Uranium processing, challenging the world’s will, what shall be next? Send some UN inspectors and place some surveillance cameras?
I really don’t think of this as a good choice because the mullahs are able to deceive them just like Saddam did before. Also we should keep in mind that totalitarian regimes like that of the mullahs will not hesitate to exploit any amount of their country’s fortune to bribe UN officials, media and even governments in order to hide facts and hinder justice.

Don’t think that I’m suggesting immediate preemptive strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities (that would be useful though) but I urge the decision makers in the world to unite their efforts to confront this threat.
The mullahs are desperately trying to win time, which may not be on our side this time if we allowed them to drag the world to their game.

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