Wednesday, September 15, 2004

One of my friends asked me to post his thoughts about the "Fahrenheit 9/11" film.
He'd be glad to read your e-mails in responce to it.
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Fahrenheit 9/11

Maybe it’s a little bit late to write about Fahrenheit 9/11 but I couldn’t put my hand on a good copy of the movie to watch and to write about before now. I don’t know where to start but I think I'll let the film guide the way. I think that Mr. Moore tried in every possible way to show that there was some kind of conspiracy or at least manipulation behind Bush winning the presidency, well if the man had won the electoral votes and (all) the members of the senate were supporting or at least didn’t sign any objection to be raised against him so as the supreme court (the people who decided the result of the elections) then I guess that’s more than enough for anyone to be a president and I believe that if there is something wrong then it might be the system and we shouldn't blame the candidate for it.

Criticizing the men in power is something the whole free world does but it should be in reasonable way not by saying that the president is taking long vacations!! Or he sat doing nothing when they told him about the attacks on the world trade center anyway it's better than getting panic in front of them or leaving them disappointed by getting out at once coz they are children after all. I don’t know about the domestic policy of Mr. Bush and its up to the American people to say whether they are good or not but I'll give my opinion just like Mr. Moore did in the president world wide policy and lets start with the relationship with the Saudis, what the hell is wrong in attracting the capitals to the country!! This is something the whole world dream about and Mr. Moore found it wrong! I know he tried to picture it in a different way and to raise question about Mr. Bush's loyalty to his country but the fact remain the same nobody can deny how the American economy benefit from that same money Mr. Moore didn’t like.

Well the best part goes when he suspected that the war against Taliban was to build a pipeline through Afghanistan!! With this level of assessment I won't be surprised if future wars will happen for building a bridge or maybe paving a road!! And I really was shocked when he pictured Iraq like peaceful country where children play and people laugh happily, guess what Mr. Moore you are wrong coz I live in Iraq and children weren't playing they were working to live and people weren’t smiling they were either afraid of getting killed or arrested for no reason or just because they don’t like Saddam and they dared to say so.

I really don’t know why you have to cheat to make the people believe you coz the whole world knew how the Iraqi people suffered from Saddam and you try to show that they were happy with him! In the same superficial manner you used to show that Iraq was a happy place, one could use the pictures of children singing around Stalin celebrating his birthday to show that people loved Stalin and they were happy. Now that was one real documentary shot you took from Iraqis' life prior to the war! And I liked your idea when you said" A nation that never attacked the united states a nation that never threatened to attack the united states a nation that have never murdered a single American citizen" well a (nation) like Iraq started a war with Iran for 8 years with casualties of 1000000 dead people on both sides and killed his own (nation) with toxic gas and then invade another country and killing its people (Kuwait) and threatened to burn all the oil fields if they tried to kick him out
Don’t you think Mr. Moore that burning the oil is a threat to the whole world not only to the united states and in your opinion how long this (nation) will need to burn whole America. No Mr. Moore Iraq wasn’t a (nation) it was a movie just like yours but it was written, produced and directed by Saddam Hussein. Still I have too many things to say but I think the article will be too long to read so last to say to Mr. Moore being a writer doesn't mean that you write lies and being a producer doesn't mean that you cheat people for their money and being a director doesn't mean that you have to be silly and for the best of all please find another job!!.

By: I. Adnan

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