Sunday, September 12, 2004

On a day like yesterday, three years ago the tragedies of New York and Washington shook the world and they were the alarm that alerted us about the seriousness of the war we’re fighting right now.
9/11 wasn’t the beginning for this war but it was the day that exposed the ugly face of terror.
This is not about advertising for a war but it’s essential to fully comprehend the nature of this war.

9/11 wasn’t an illusion. It was reality and it hurt so bad. What we saw at that day was a tremendous lust for killing and destruction and it was so clear that the killers didn’t care whether they were killing their “enemies” or innocents who had nothing to do with the policies of the USA.
"We’re a weapon of mass destruction"; the more people dead the more perfectly the job is done, that’s how they were thinking at that day and the objective remains destruction, not victory.

We’re facing a new type of threats and this time it’s different from the other threats that interrupted the history of mankind. We‘re not seeing a definite ideology or a known mentality that plans for a certain change or a better future, it’s just a call for death and nothing but death “death to me and death to my enemies” their sick minds dream of self destruction that destroys the others too because they know no other way of communication so they try to destroy anything they can’t understand and they try to kill anyone they can’t mix with.

The free world stood united against this threat and this alliance formed after 9/11 was the largest in history. The war is clear and there’s now way to be neutral in it.
The challenges have changed and so did the world and we have to change our ways now because the old way won’t work with these new challenges but strangely some allies began to loosen up not long after the war started and some started to show disapproval with the way the war is being handled with.

I have no objections to the necessity of discussion to improve our mechanisms in facing the dangers but I see that there’s a tendency for shrinkage in some countries that try to escape their responsibilities and leave the US alone in this confrontation as if the terrorists were targeting America alone. These countries think that just because they were not attacked directly they would be on the safe side.
Well..this is one big illusion; the current part of the battle with its field being in Iraq won’t be the final destination for the terrorists. They have gathered here dreaming that our determination will fade and that our alliance will disband and by time America will enter a phase of despair and pull out and then they would say “see, we’ve defeated them in Iraq which means we can defeat them elsewhere”.
I really wonder how could some people not see the connection between these groups in Iraq and what happened in 9/11; they’re the same and there’s no difference between who hijacks an aircraft and who blows himself up in a car in front of a church.

Yes they’re the same group; today here and tomorrow in Rome or Paris. The battle here is a continuation for what happened in 9/11and let the world understand that it’s a battle on behalf of the rest of the world. Those criminals hate life even for their own selves and they keep saying that they’re fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan now while some countries seal off their ears pretending to be unaware of what the terror lords are saying or doing.

Let’s imagine that we decided to appease them. What do you think they would do?
Would they go to their mosques and hold prayers? Would they seek to build schools and hospitals?
I know what would happen and you too know what would happen; 9/11 would look like a walk in the park when compared with their sick dreams.
If we kept trying to find links among Saddam, Al-Qaida, Syria, Sudan, Hizbollah..etc and kept waiting to find all the solid evidences that prove Saddam’s or Gaddafi’s intentions in possessing WMD’s and if the decision wasn’t made at the right time, the results would’ve been catastrophic.

We don’t need to look deeper to discover their intentions as they were made clear in 9/11 they’re clear now in Iraq.

God bless the souls of the innocents who lost their lives in 9/11.
God bless the souls of those who lost their lives defending freedom.
May God give us the strength and determination to achieve victory in this war.


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