Saturday, February 21, 2004

What elections?

The talk about the elections, their timing, necessity and possible alternatives are still hot topics in every discussion about the future of Iraq in the streets, despite the fact that the UN and by the words of its general secretary declared that elections cannot be held at the present time due to the enormous complications on the ground. And what is more strange about it is that it was (us) who asked for the opinion of the UN and I’m still unconvinced with it because we chose the worst part on earth to offer us a solution. It seems that we forgot that it was the same UN that gave Saddam’s regime its legitimacy for the last 4 decades and it was the same UN that stood strongly against the liberation of Iraq and here we are seeking its help again.

It's a sick joke that we ask the help of our worst enemy's ally, to act as a judge between our friends, who gave us our freedom and us. And when the UN gave us their wise opinion, those who call themselves the representatives of the Iraqi people, shook their heads showing dissatisfaction and demanded other alternatives. And I’ve never seen a political immaturity as like this.

It’s supposed that the leaders should struggle to achieve the demands of their people, while in Iraq it’s upside down, as it’s the leaders who demand from the people and urge them to support the demands of those leaders!

In the beginning, we were not interested as people with the process of elections in the meantime, but those leaders showed the process as the major issue and you can see them on TV screens yelling as loud as they can that they want to achieve the demands and hopes of the Iraqi people and by God, they’re their goals and their greed that they seek.

And if elections were to be held, who am I supposed to give my vote to? We don't have political parties with proper vision for the future. We have only representatives of Ethnic and religious groups, with the same old faces and without practicing democracy in their own parties, so what elections they are talking about?

These people are testing the patience of the those who believe in freedom and the battle between us and those people will be a long and even harder than that against Saddam's regieme, but it will be a peacful one and time will be the ally of the realistic political vision.

-By Mohammed.


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