Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Closing a mine.

There are lots of arguments about how the last war had caused much civilian causality among Iraqis. I plan to talk about the responsibility of Saddam’s regime and the coalition in these causalities in the next post, as the latest terrorists’ attacks on Iraqis made me choose this subject to discuss in brief before going into that annoying issue which has became confusing to many people due to the effects of the way the major media dealt with it, always with lies and exaggerations.

Though I’ve said it before, it’s obvious that the terrorists are the most responsible part for directly murdering Iraqis.
and Their reasons are a little complex ones and can be divided mainly into the following:

- the hatred for the west, Jews, Christians in general and America in particular, so they follow those wherever they go.
-Most of the terrorists’ leaders are either mercenary-agency managers or extremist who rely on whoever interested in supplying them with money and in return, they're ready to perform any cervices their spoonsers demand.
-More important and subtle factor is destroying the Americans and Iraqis efforts to build a new model for democracy, peace and prosperity in Iraq. This seems to be a common goal for many parties, but each pursues this to achieve different objectives.

In this issue the terrorists' leaders have their own fears of such a project that makes them fight so fiercely. This can be summarized as following:
The terrorists’ leaders are in continuous need for frustrated, angry, desperate and ignorant people to teach them their hatred and convert them into blind obedient walking bombs that could be directed wherever and whenever they choose. Such (raw material) was/still provided by the oppressive Arab and Muslim regimes.
I was always on the opinion that hatred or faith cannot persuade a human being to kill himself and others, these can convince him to fight and kill others, but never through killing himself, as life in my opinion is precious for all, and the only way to convince men or women to kill others through giving up their own lives is through driving them to the edge of despair, making them believe that their life worth nothing, and only when they're desperate enough, that hatred for others or the faith in a better life after death can act as an enough motivation to commit such a horrible crime against themselves and others.

So, when Iraq becomes a country that provides hope and peace for her citizens instead of despair, and putting in mind what creating such a model will affect other Arabs and Muslims, one can conclude with no much difficulty that the unseen heaven promised by the terrorists’ leaders will find it so hard to maintain the same effect while competing with a solid reality that provides peace, honorable life and prosperity without even the need to give up the dream of a better life after death. Then those evil leaders will not only loose what was before a promising (mine) of continuously supplying this raw material, but will also loose many grounds on other mines they used to monopolize such as Saudi Arabia, Syria, Algeria…etc.

The last horrible attacks were very saddening and proved how afraid those evil leaders are from the ongoing changes in Iraq, never the less when I went down to the streets and despite almost everyone knew about these attacks at least hours ago, the traffic was busy as usual, the traffic police, the IP and the new Iraq army soldiers were all in their places doing their jobs as if nothing has happened, and the reason that I don't believe this is attributed to apathy is that when the same terrorists made a threatening announcement through Al-Jazeera about 2 months ago, asking the Iraqis to go on strike for 3 days and warning those who disobey that they will face horrible consequences, the next day the streets in Baghdad were nearly empty. This is not the case anymore, and it made me surer than ever that we are winning and they will lose because they can’t kill us all nor can they force us to quit our jobs and take a safe corner in our homes.

I’ve always told my friends soon after the war, when most of the attacks were aimed at the American soldiers and the infra structure- they were hardly trying to rebuild with no much help from Iraqis at those times- that I was pretty sure it will be the Americans who will win this struggle. This was not based only on the fact that their case is just, nor their superior technology and resources, but also to another factor that in my opinion plays no less role than the above: they were determined, brave and patient unlike their enemies. They were moving slowly sometimes, taking causalities most of the time, but never hide in their camps or stop patrolling in dangerous areas and very rarely responded irrationally to terrorists’ attacks. I was not the only one who looked impressed and astonished to see those soldiers patrol on foot on the most dangerous areas in Baghdad, where attacks on Americans seemed to be a daily routine, and moreover there was not the slightest sign of fear, anxiety or hostility on their faces, still saluting people smiling to children, as if they are walking in their own land. Now at least one of the major 3 powers, that were a constant threat to their lives, no longer poses such a significant threat and the final outcome bears no doubt in my mind.

I’ve always hoped and believed that Iraqis will adapt such a determination to live their lives as they choose and to believe in their dreams, cling into their hopes to the degree that makes it impossible for such attacks to even hinder their progress to build their country and choose to hope and never surrender to despair.
My believe is that this had happened and it didn’t happen today or last week. My message to those crazy evil creatures is: get out of our land, invaders, and leave us build our country with our friends. This mine is closed.


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