Friday, February 13, 2004

-Abu Hayder*…Abu Musaab.

-Two hard working men.
It’s obvious for every one what enormous efforts both guys are doing regarding Iraq and Iraqis, and I’m sure that they stay awake late every night with their minds busy thinking about the Iraqi people. And they also wake up early in the morning to put a schedule for the day work. They should not have any delay, and always there’s an important question that never leaves their minds and that is “what should I offer the Iraqi people today?”
So let’s start with Abu Musaab:

:: He’s overwhelmed with joy nowadays; as the latest operations which he or other men from his type have performed recently have added to the development and prosperity of Iraq and enhanced the life standards of the Iraqi citizen and made him feel more safe and secure!.
Abu Musaab is sure that the Iraqi people are grateful for what he has done and even demanding more and more heroic actions. He blew up the UN and drove her out of Iraq with many other humanitarian organizations. Abu Musaab is positive that Iraqis need no one’s help.
He blew up the mosque in Najaf and killed hundreds of Sheia in the hope that this will start a civil war in Iraq, which will purify the Iraqi people from the infidels and bad guys and after that only the good men like himself will remain.
Oh. He should envy himself for his extreme wits and his brilliant plans for Iraq’s interest.
And don’t forget the explosions in the headquarters of Iraqi parties, as plurality is a great danger threatening the Iraqi people. It means different opinions, and this is corruption.
Iraq should be ruled by one opinion and one idea and those must be Abu Musaab’s and there’s absolutely no place for another opinion.
Ah.. There are some people who wish to cooperate with America to build a new Iraqi army and a new Iraqi police, and this is a terrible mistake as Iraq needs security forces with iron fist that has no place for the word mercy in it’s dictionary to spy on and eliminate any one who would dare to think in opposing Abu Musaab or his ideas.
While this new police that read the citizen his rights when arresting him for a certain charge is nothing but true evil that comes straight from Satan, because no one opposing Abu Musaab has any right.
What worries Abu Musaab these days and keeps him busy is his hope that the number of his victims would be at least worthy of the enormous efforts he bears on his shoulder on a daily basis “but it’s OK, I will cut down my sleeping hours for the sake of the Iraqi people who are certainly worthy of all this trouble”.
Now I will repeat the question to the others: who’s behind Abu Musaab?
Certainly he’s not alone, there’s the finance, logistic and intelligence support.
Who supports the plan of Abu Musaab and share with him those ideas in serving the Iraqi people?
I know those people. They’re Iraq’s neighbors and some of the media that we finally discovered where do they get the funds. They’re madly in love with the people of Iraq and they will not save any effort to help making this new free democratic model a real success! That’s all what they wish, that there will be a democratic nation in the neighborhood.

:: As for Abu Hayder:
I know he’s very busy too, there are many challenges ahead of him. He just disagrees with Abu Musaab in seeing things and in his perspectives.
Let’s take a look at his plan to rebuild Iraq: it involves
- Rebuilding Iraq. And reforming the fragile infrastructure -that we inherited from the past regime- is his major concern.
- Reforming the Iraqi economy, improving the salaries, improving the exchange rate of ID, lowering Iraq’s debts, improving and supporting private business.
- Handing authority to Iraqis, supporting political peaceful diversions allowing space for free elections at the right time, building new Iraqi police and army that are capable of securing Iraq.
But who stands behind Abu Hayder?
I know for instance that a large sector of Iraqis share his vision with some of the countries who believe in democracy and freedom along with the coalition.
After all that I find myself standing in the middle not sure whom should I support.
Both work so hard and make many sacrifices. One promises us what he believes to be a paradise in heaven, while the other promises a much less appealing and more realistic paradise on earth.
Both of them came from places far from Iraq, endangering their lives and sacrificing so many. Whom efforts should I appreciate and with whom should I cooperate?
I think that the Iraqi people and others will not need a long time to answer this question.

*Abu Hayder is a name used by Iraqis to refer to Mr. Bremer, for more details about this see the post on Jan. 21st.
- By Mohammed.

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