Sunday, February 01, 2004

We all need to dream.

Oh when sorrow mixes with happiness, feelings get confused, muttering hollow words….it’s the Eid and there is pain. I have to congratulate some people and console others.
What can I say when laughter mixes with sounds of explosions to play a tune that I can’t understand?

I’m sad I have a dream*

People celebrate others curse.
Some people realize, most do not do so or choose not to.
I maybe wrong in my demands and others maybe right, but I don’t ask for much.
Don’t be unfair, don’t insult me and leave me in peace. After that choose whatever policy you wish, pray for any God you believe in, but don’t steel the joy from children, they will not understand it. Let’s stop for a moment for their sake, because I’ll never forget that scene of a child who was crying out of fear, not knowing why he should cry, why he should fear, why can’t he have fun and he is not allowed to play as other children do. Stop it please, and let us give up a little of our personal ambitions for the sake other people. I think that what God is asking from us; to love each other.

So, it seems that it’s my destiny not to live like the others.It was meant for me to share the bitterness of others and mourn for their grief. I weep for their anguish, some people do not understand this; how can I weep Iraqi victims and coalition soldiers in the same time? My tears are for all the victims of evil and injustice, and those who sacrificed their lives while fighting it back.

My life and that of who share with me these feelings were so hard and will even be harder, but I will not abandon my dream, that one day all people will be united with love.
I will not stop writing these silly words, this is all I have for now, and I will not despair, even if what I wish seems impossible.
But I will be there; by all means I will be there,
There at the bank of the river,
I will throw my sword and armor.
There on the bank of the river,
I will not think of war any more. *

I need you brothers and sisters, believe me, when I read your words you give me enormous strength to go on, and the truth is: we need each other.
Our world is bad…bad. And it’s full of evil. We claim that we know this evil and that we’re fighting it, and that makes us less happy than the others, but in return for the happiness of today we will have something much more gracious. We will have the wits to do what lie within our capabilities to make the world less painful. *
Individuals reject the good that they see, but the people want the good that they do not see. Everybody needs someone who guides him or her, let’s speak together, and let us no stop speaking*, let our voice be louder than that of the evil.
The word is the leader of the human power. I know the strength of words, I know that words have a ring; they’re not those cheered by the cream of the crop. By the power of those words, coffins are pushed to march on their four wooden legs. *

My heart can be shaped in any image,
A grassy hill for deer and a monastery for priests,
A temple for idols,
And a Ka’aba for a pilgrim,
A sheet from the Bible and a page from the Koran,
I follow love wherever it goes,
Love is my faith and my religion. *

I have borrowed words from the east, from America, Russia, Europe and Arab in an attempt to prove that we, the people of the world, can make one speech, have one goal and can fight for it.

* Martin Luther King
*Richard Right
*Bertrand Russell
*J. J. Rousseau
*Muhey Al-Deen Bin Arabi

-By Mohammed.

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