Thursday, February 26, 2004

Dumb... and dumber!

There’s a joke here in Iraq, it's about the government in an Arabic country that didn’t like the fact that their country is much behind from other countries, so the leadership asked the government members to give suggestions for a solution to this defect. So, one member introduced an idea that got acceptance from all the other members. This idea says that (when America invades another country, she will later leave this country in prosperity and great development, an example is Germany and Japan. So the idea is illustrated in declaring war against America to persuade her to come to invade the country and push it to advance and flourish. Just right here, one member shouted: “OBJECTION!, AND WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF WE WON THE WAR!?”

There exists in our region (M.E) people who are so so dumb, and what happened in Iraq upsets them, that’s why they decided to interfere forcefully in a direct or an indirect way to interrupt the evolution or at least to delay it as much as possible.
And dumber than that are those who think that they can achieve victory in this war against the USA and the Iraqi people who really want the change.
In the beginning they targeted the American troops hoping that causing large casualties will force these troops to leave Iraq as if the task is as simple as that.
Later, when those idiots got frustrated, they decided to target the Iraqis themselves, the Iraqis who are holding tight to the train of freedom and democracy. This time hoping that Iraqis will pull back and retreat to the dark hateful past, again…as simple as that!
In my opinion, they were a total failure in both fields. The coalition and the Iraqis have made up their mind to move forwards to a bright future with its shining lights blinding all dictatorships that surround us, and I’m sure of victory in the end.
I wish you were here with me in Iraq to see the real change in people’s thinking and more exciting is how fast this change is taking place. They’re talking now about the future, about building, about hope. The old, sick regime has become history, and we should quickly get rid of its residues to catch up with the advanced, free world.
It’s become clear to everyone what bad role these dictatorships are playing to delay and interrupt the change here. Having their countries infected with democracy is their worst nightmare, and they’ll never save an effort to delay that infection, just to delay it, and nothing more.
They know well that the (story) is not over yet, and there’s still a missing chapter until all people are freed from tyranny, oppression and blind fanaticism.
They do not want their oppressed people to see a bright model in Iraq. That’s what they fear.
This model must be disfigured, and let the media work hard to report every single tiny mistake in this experiment and forget about all the good results that were achieved.
The neighboring nations’ people should prefer to stay under the whip of their jailors and must not look forward to something like what Iraq is becoming.
That’s what those dictators are saying to their people “look, do you see what happened to Iraqis after their leadership was toppled? Do you wish the same for yourselves?… be satisfied with your existing leadership. We’re the best you can have”.
It’s just a matter of time until it becomes clear to everyone that what happened in Iraq was for the good of the whole world, not only for Iraqis. The case here is not a pink dream. It is a conviction that the right, the fair and the logical will win in the end.
I salute all the brave men and women who took upon themselves to bear all the risks and stand at the frontline to defend freedom.

By Mohammed.

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