Friday, November 21, 2003


The reason for this article is one of the comments which was posted after the article titled (you owe us..), which(the comment ) described Iraq as a child waiting for help without doing anything to help himself and urged me to get out of the internet cafe and help getting the bad guys, actually I found it true but I want to clarify something for the writer of the comment and all the others. Yes most of the Iraqis are not doing much to help themselves or the coalition forces despite the fact that they admit the necessity of the presence of these forces, but that's not the case for all Iraqis and I speak on behalf of myself and many of the people that I know :we have always resisted SH in every possible way(risking our lives sometimes)though we didn't carry arms, the heroic action that a lot of Iraqis did and most of those are now lying in the mass graves next to their wives, parents and children after being tortured and disfigured without even allowing their relatives to give them a decent funeral.
And that shows that the claim that we didn't have the guts to stand against SH is not true, now after liberation we still serve our people by doing our jobs and cooperating with the coalition forces, we try so hard to convince our friends and acquaintances that we should be active and that we should have a role in deciding our future rather than wait for the US. government to do the job or at least we should help them do it. Unfortunately most Iraqis are still idle, a fact that as much as it’s strange for people who have been oppressed for 4 decades as much as it made sense when we went deep to see the reason behind such a careless attitude . This had led us a long time ago to the same conclusion that was stated in that comment, that it's our own culture that was raising tyrants like SH and paving their way to power and is still capable of fertilizing many potential dictators, (not that our culture was sick but it has been manipulated by tyrants and their classical allies, the greedy, hypocrite clerics for hundreds of years to convince the simple people of the legitimacy of their leadership, and that this was only god's will, and anyone who opposes that was considered an infidel).
And that's why I found myself entitled to write this article to apologize to the world on behalf of all honest Muslims for unconsciously allowing the creation of such a monster(s) who endangered the whole world and put in to suffering not only Iraqis but most of the neighboring countries.
Yes we are a child nation and I find no shame in admitting this fact, we don't lack educated or wise people but it's the voice of the ignorant that is still louder, which makes us in need for help. This is the reason that makes me sit in an internet cafe to write to you and to convince you to support not only our nation but also the people of Syria, Saudi Arabia, N.Korea and all oppressed nations, (although they may not appreciate your action and instead of flowers you may well find rocks if not bullets waiting for you as happening in Iraq now ), and to(interfere) in the (internal affairs) of these countries this time armed with culture, patience,understanding,civilization and guns if necessary.
These poor and oppressed nations have made their contribution to the human civilization when they were once powerful, and now the power to change the world lies in your hands, and surely sooner or later these poor nations will have a role and will have the power again to complete the mission with you side by side.
And the answer to the question( what force us to risk the lives of our sons and daughters and spend money that we earned by hard work to save people that don't want to be saved??) lies in 2 logical reasons:
1-The danger of the wide spreading terrorism that flourish as a result of oppression and poverty, and that is supported by dictators ruling those people.
2- the day by day increasing ability to possess technologies of producing WMD's and the possible and horrible consequences we might get when we have a mad dictator armed with such weapons.
And if these 2 logical reasons are not enough then there's nothing that could force you to commit to such a hard and costy task unless you're.... HUMANISTS.

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