Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy id for everyone.

This is the first id after Saddam's gone. I’d like you my brothers of all religions and convictions to share my happiness with me.
This is the first time I choose my id.
I can not tell you exactly how I feel but I believe the true feelings will find their way to the hearts of the good.
In the past and with every id we used to repeat an old Arabic verse that expresses our grieve, a verse that you would have heard from most of the Iraqis, it goes:
Oh id,
With what sorrow you have come!
Oh id,

Now I can see this verse only on the lips of the remains of the regime, who found it hard to see the joy and happiness in our eyes, while they're tied and incapable of killing it again.
They might try to terrorize us through planting explosives here and there but they definitely won't be able to force us to send our blessings to the (legendary and inspired leader) the gift of god as the paid off Iraqi media used to call him.
No one ever will force us to pray for loudly in our mosques and churches wishing god to prolong his life to guide us from victory to victory.
At least we're not forced to see him on TV wearing his fancy suit presenting generous gifts to his sick-minded mercenary.
This id, no one told me that I must write slogans on my shop or my front door saying ( our beloved leader ,the defender of the Arab honor and the brave knight of the whole Arab nation).

I decided to break the tradition of visiting the relatives and exchanging gifts with them, instead of that I went out to the streets to share the largest no. of Iraqi people the joy of the id.
As this time it's not official, but it's the people's id.
Yes I admit there was some sort of worry in the eyes of people that one can not miss, as the future is still vague for most of the Iraqis, but you also won't miss the optimism in the eyes of the young generations.
Mixed with that there was the grief and heartache for our brothers who we still miss.
Rise my brother from your mass graves for without you our happiness will never be perfect.
We won't forget you, for it was your struggle and your blood which was shed fighting the tyrant.
Without you the world would have never even heard of our misery and we would have never been free.

You ask me not to feel gratitude to those who set me free, ask for what is more realistic.
I say it with all my heart: may Allah bless America, UK, Italy, Spain, Australia, Poland and Ukraine.
For through the sacrifices of their sons and daughters on this land, smile has found it's way to our faces.
You have to be proud for what you have done.

I will never forget this and let whoever accuse me with whatever.
I will teach it to my children so that they may grow free, helping the good people fight for others happiness.

Happy id for all.

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