Friday, November 14, 2003


The dramatic change that happened in Iraq will-as I think-have a great effect on the region &the whole world in the coming years and the (MODEL) that is going to be established in this country will change many concepts&beliefs, which were thought to be true for a long period.
I would like -through this blog-to exhibit our points of view,WE:the Iraqis of the interior about this model, what we think about it & how we expect that everyone will take part by showing their ideas; because the more the opinions discussed the wider the horizon&the greater the chance we have to correct faults or avoid them.
I think that the new Iraqi model doesn't have much in common with the previous models presented to the world by USA(Japan&Germany) as these were basically found to deal with the international committees created after the 2nd WW.
The idea here is about that those committees have become out-fashioned &incapable to bare the international responsibilities.
So the Iraqi model will be the corner-stone in the new regional&global systems.
We have to bare our responsibilities to help establish the model, by doing this we're backing-up humanity in it's struggle against new ,serious challenges the major of these is the cancer-like growing terrorism, the spread of weapons of mass destruction & the serious ecological & financial challenges.
Our major problem lies in those tight-closed frames that we still live in,this is the obstacle on the way of humanity to achieve peace & prosperity.
I believe that the strict concept of nationality represents the main hindrance that blocks the road to globalization, everyone talks about independence &national dominion ,but the question is :
Is there really an independent state?
Can anyone live without the others? why do we have to act isolating ourselves from the others in a world where events and their echoes are no longer contained in their focus.
I see that we can be the 1st. state in the world that gives up these narrow concepts and let’s be the 1st. state that joins the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD .
I it’s time for the sun of national dominion to set,&for globalization to take place for the well-being of man-kind.
No more hand-cuffs strangling the freedom of a man ,wherever he is; this CONTRACT between the citizen & the state is no longer valid, this situation should change;
I am asking the whole world here :
If this is not the time,then when?

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