Monday, November 24, 2003

Do we really need these armies?

Till when should the armies keep on being a heavy load on our shoulders, spreading their destructive effect on our lives?
Here I'm talking specifically about the M.E. and generally about the 3rd world nations.
When shall we understand the lesson? Are we naive to the extent that makes us believe that they (the armies) were found to defend our nations, and to keep the regional equilibrium of forces?
what great servise the syrian army(for e.g.)is doing for the syrian people?
Do they really have the same role after the world had gathered to kick Saddam out of Kuwait?
Will the world nations continue to afford credibility and export weapons to these armies regarding them as a nonnegotiable condition for the existence of a nation? Or do we have to wait until Russia, china and India join the NATO to strip off the excuses that these armies use to justify their existence?
As an Iraqi citizen, I find that it's my duty to explain to everyone the disadvantages of these armies, because I have suffered enough of them.
yes, we do need national guards, borders' guards to save our land from intruders ,but I question the need for traditional armies with their known form. I find that the disadvantages are:
1-building and equipping such armies depletes the resources of nations (up to 80 % of the national Iraqi income was wasted on the army in the 1980's).
2-rendering idle the productive power of millions of citizens in some countries, as people were forced to do unnecessary service in non beneficial armies (the max. limit for duration of an individual's service in the army was 3 years in Iraq, but extended to 10 years during the war with Iran).
3-had a major contribution to retard the intellectual ability of educated people by keeping them booked in the army for years soon after getting their qualifications.
Even intelligent, highly active minds had their share of corruption and became blind machines that can do nothing but obeying silly orders.
4-gave the opportunity for politically unqualified generals to intervene in the civil, political life through faked revolutions and using military force to establish military governments, that deprived the true, qualified political personalities from performing their role in leading the communities.
5-participated in creating unstable conditions in the region (M.E.) and the world by raising continuous conflicts, performing invasions and destroying the vital and civil structures and natural resources.
6-encouraged the use of force and violence policy in solving internal and external problems and blocked the ambitions of the people buy militarizing the community and violating the public freedom and the mastery of law.
I don't mind my country joining a global force of good intentions and legal aims, so it will not be thought that we want the west to bear all the cost.
It's a request directed to the free world to find a way to forbid selling weapons to these armies.
I'm not afraid of the British or French nuclear power, but I do fear the possession of nuclear power by Libya, Iran or N.Korea.
Still dreaming of a world with no WMD's.

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