Monday, May 23, 2005

The Wolf bites again.

A firm and decisive act against the terrorists in western Baghdad was expected to happen at any time.
This morning the expectations became facts. Here's the original story I saw this morning and it shows that something big was happening but Al-Iraqia TV had more detailed information.

According to Al-Iraqia TV, the Wolf brigade's intelligence elements successfully infiltrated the terrorist groups in the Abu Ghraib region and the information gathered this way paved the way for the latest operation which was done in two waves; the 1st raid was accomplished yesterday while the 2nd one started at 5 in the morning today and has just ended as Al-Iraqia reporter at the scene in Abu Ghraib said.
The successful raids which represent the largest operation performed by Iraqi forces so far had resulted in arresting 450 suspected terrorists.
The brigade depended mainly on its intelligence personnel who recognized the suspects' faces and pointed them out one by one.
The Wolf brigade did almost all the job with the multinational forces providing backup when needed.

Among the detainees was an "Amir" i.e. someone who beheaded at least 10 Iraqis. Also it's believed that the terrorist who lead the latest large attack on the prison in Abu Ghraib was also among those detained.

Abu Ghraib area has a special significance in the plans of terrorist groups and it's the joint between Baghdad and Anbar province (which includes Ramadi, Fallujah and Qa'im). This area hasn't tasted peace since the terrorists began their operations against Iraqis and coalition troops two years ago.
The area also hosts one of the biggest camps of the former Iraqi army; a factor that made it easy for terrorists to possess weapons and ammunition.

The raids ran smoothly and were clearly very well planned and implemented as no casualties happened among the soldiers of the Wolf brigade.

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