Wednesday, May 25, 2005

In a memorandum submitted to the Security Council, Iraq has officially asked the Council to extend the duration of the mission of the multinational forces in Iraq "until Iraq fulfills the requirements of the political process which has been agreed on by the Council and until Iraq is capable of securing its borders and protecting its lands and people…"
According to the 1546 resolution of the SC on June 8th 2004 the council would "reconsider the presence of the multinational forces in Iraq 12 months after adopting the resolution..."
Source, Radio Sawa.

Meanwhile, Iraq's ministry of interior has abolished an old ban on bars and nightclubs that was enforced by Saddam back in the early 1990s. Saddam also issued regulations that restricted selling alcohol.

Now what we hear from many "experts" in Middle East politics makes one think that the new government in Iraq which is supposed to have strong ties with the radical regime on Iran would rush to shut down the remaining liquor stores, force women to wear hijab and do everything they can to kick the "infidels" out of the country.

But what happened seems to be the exact contrary to their speculations and the 1st bunch of decisions made by this government were to reopen nightclubs, allow more stores to sell whisky and ask for the "infidels" to stay longer!

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