Thursday, May 19, 2005

In response to some questions.

We've received some questions from our readers asking about Spirit of America, Friends of democracy and the progress of their partnership.
We know Spirit of America and its people.
They have supported Friends of Democracy (which is an Iraqi nongovernmental organization we have helped with), developed the only specialized Arabic blogging tool that we have written about more than once before and they have done other good things to help the people of Iraq.

Our experience with Spirit of America and its people has been very positive. They have done things no one else would do and helped in places where no one else would try. We trust them and believe they are doing their best to do good things in Iraq.

What I am sure of is that Spirit of America had fulfilled all of its commitments towards Friends of Democracy according to the agreements made between the two organizations. As far as I know, they have fulfilled their other commitments, too.
The friends of democracy team is working hard to accomplish and expand its current projects despite all the obstacles and hardships associated with NGOs' work in Iraq; just last Monday, two Iraqi journalists who worked as assistants and reporters for the Friends of Democracy were shot death on the road south of Baghdad. So you can imagine how hard and dangerous it is for an NGO to get good things done while the enemies of democracy are ready to kill anyone trying to serve his people.

There might have been some delay in accomplishing a few projects but the important thing is that resources are here and plans are already made and I am full of hope that the future will show the good deeds of the people behind those two organizations.

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