Sunday, May 01, 2005

Baghdad's new lottery!

There's a new lottery going around in Baghdad these days. It's a lottery where the winners are decided through site-surveys not through pulling a ball out of a box or something.
There is currently one mobile phone company already functioning in Baghdad but there are two more companies still building the infrastructure needed to start providing their services and this basically includes distributing a large number of towers all over the city.

If your house occupies a spot that is proven by site-surveys to be the best spot for hosting one of these towers in your area, then your neighbors will certainly be jealous of you. And here's why:

1-The phone company would pay the house owner (the host) 500 $ per month for allowing the company to install the tower in on his house's roof or in the garden.

2-The deal would also include installing a diesel power generator to keep the tower functioning 24/7 and this means the family would not face any problem with electricity through out the duration of the contract and in Baghdad's summer season this is an invaluable bonus.

3-The host would certainly get excellent network coverage!

See an example of these towers here.

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