Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Writing on the walls.

In a novel I read some years ago named "A sinister hour by "Gabriel Marquis, the events were taking place in a small town where everyone knows everything, ie nothing can remain secret. And everyone would talk about the finest details of someone else's personal life but those discussions were not allowed to happen publicly.
Suddenly, the situation changes upside down in that little town when some person anonymously started exposing the town's scandals by writing them on the walls in a way that everyone could read them (……wife is having an affair with…. Or ……..the police officer took bribes from…….).
So, the whole town went into a frenzy trying to identify this "criminal" who's taking the privacy of the citizens so lightly.
The truth is, this person didn't bring any new thing because the scandals he revealed were already known to the people.
Today, our international village is behaving in the same way, trying to avoid admitting the facts that we all know damn well.

I have decided to write the following on my wall:
The UN has always been a corrupt organization and the oil for food program was a disastrous organized robbery; it wasn't the first scandal and not going to be the last as long the UN keeps existing in its current form.
The father knows what his son had done.
And we all know this, so where's the surprize!?


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