Monday, March 14, 2005

Either there is more and more good news coming out of both Iraq or Afghanistan, or the reporters are getting increasingly optimistic about the situation there, or both. Whatever's the answer, it's good news.

This is a conclusion Chrenkoff has reached after doing some math on his his beautiful series "Good news from Iraq" and "Good news from Afghanistan".
Read the 23rd round, here.

Some readers have criticized me for linking to Chrenkoff's series, saying that it doesn't make sense when an Iraqi depends on "some guy" from Australia to get news about his country.
I think this claim is unjustified because people from all over the world depend mostly on a number of news agencies to get news from other countries as well as their own countries!
Plus, I already know most of these news before they're published on Chrenkoff's blog but unfortunately I don't have enough time to put all these news on my blog and I found that there's no other available sources that gather and display this huge amount of news (whether from Iraq or Afghanistan) on regular basis with such enthusiasm and dedication like Chrenkoff's.

Oh, and by the way, I'm inclined to support the 1st possibility.

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