Monday, March 14, 2005

As expected, angry and sad Iraqis have started protests against the sickening behavior of the family and tribe of the Jordanian terrorist who committed the bloody massacre of Hilla a few weeks ago.

Crowds gathered outside the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad on Sunday shouting:
"No, no to Jordan, close your embassy, we do not want to see you here"

However, AFP report said:

They urged the government to file charges against the family of Raed al-Banna, who the Iraqi media says carried out a car bombing on 28 February that killed at least 118 people and wounded scores more.

It's really odd that AFP failed to acknowledge that the identity of the suicide bomber was revealed by noone other than one of Jordan's most prominent newspapers, Al-Ghad!

The rapidly growing anger in the streets here promises more protests in the coming few days which I expect to be bigger than today's protest.
From where I stand, I feel that nothing shorter than punishing all the involved paries in that crime can calm the people who lost their loved ones.

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