Friday, December 01, 2006

Renouncing a myth, or ignoring a fact?

It's really odd that the arrest of "Baghdad Sniper" didn't get any mention in the news. Of course except for here on Pajamas Media when we reported it two days ago.
And two days ago it was understandable since the only source available back then had been a short report aired on Radio Sawa Wednesday afternoon.

Next day, that's yesterday morning, the two major newspapers in Iraq had the news on their first pages, yet the story didn't spread to the MSM!

The government owned al-Sabah had this to tell:

"Spokesman of the interior ministry brigadier general Abdul Kareem Khalaf told al-Sabah that a security force that belongs to the ministry, backed by a force from the rescue police conducted a dawn-time raid yesterday and arrested terrorist Ali Nazar al-Jubori also known as Baghdad Sniper and two of his aides; Isam Fadhil and Ali Basil…intelligence led to their whereabouts in three different locations in Hay al-Neel of the Palestine Street district…"

Al-Sabah's rival, Azzaman had also reported the arrest, only leaving aside some details:

"…on the other hand, official spokesman of the interior ministry, brigadier Abdul Kareem Khalaf confirmed to Azzaman that "three snipers were arrested yesterday" but offered no further details"

And yesterday we got the news here that 30 more militants have been arrested using intelligence that became available after arresting al-Jubori…

Where's the MSM from all of this?
If he was a myth, then why were the media running stories about him and his operations in the first place?
And if he was for real, then why are they ignoring his arrest?

Whatever! All I care about is that a notorious bad guy has been arrested and is no longer able to harm anyone, and I like that!
Meanwhile, the silence of the MSM makes me, well...giggle but with a splash of disgust.

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