Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kofi al-Tikriti!!

Kofi Anan is once again imagining that by mourning Saddam's days he'd be putting his feet in Iraqis' shoes and undestand their feelings. I can't figure out how he managed this fantasy but I'm more inclined to believe that he's put his feet in the shoes of his son and his partners in the oil for food. That way his grief would make sense.

Many try to speak on behalf of Iraqis—politicians, journalists…everyone! And I just don't understand why they don't let Iraqis speak for themselves.
What Kofi and the like are doing is unjustified and ignorant generalization of one group' s opinion upon the rest of Iraqis opinions.

He simply can't generalize the situation the way he did; did he consider Kurdish mothers and wives when he made that statement? Did Erbil, Basra or Kirkuk send a letter to Kofi blaming him for not stopping America from toppling Saddam?

Who said all Iraqis share the same vision! What Kofi missed is that Iraqi today is not the same place with 100% approval YES for Saddam. People have diverse opinions and have different problems and different dreams and someone like you Kofi cannot just come like this and say that Iraqis were better off under Saddam….you didn't live here.

I do agree though that there's some percentage of the population who would like to see Saddam back in power but that in no way reflects what the country as a whole wants.

Isn't it a shame that the secretary general of the UN is whining about he wasn't able to save a murderous dictator?

I'm not living in denial, I admit it that living here is so difficult and there's a lot of fear and pain, and a lot of patience and hard work is needed.
But that's the worst part about Kofi; he knows how things are in Iraq right now yet instead of trying to do anything to help us out, and instead of apologizing for the UN's failure to do something good for Iraq, he comes and says he's sorry he couldn't save the dictator!

Saddam is not coming back and history moves in one direction Kofi, and your term is about to end, so please shut up.

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