Monday, September 25, 2006

War on peace…

Yesterday around noon, the 'Virgin Mary Old Eastern Church' in Baghdad was attacked with a series of bombings that involved the use of at least three explosive devices.
The sequence in which the bombs were set off indicates the terrorists were trying to inflict as many casualties as possible among the worshippers who were preparing to leave the church after the Sunday ceremony.

What really makes me sad and angry is that churches are the most peaceful places in the country.
Churches did not turn into bomb factories or hideouts for criminals. They remained beacons for peace and love unlike our mosques and Husseiniyat that drifted far away from their original purpose and sadly became sources of fear and death and changed to become homes to torturers and kidnappers.

It's not the first time churches come under attacks from criminal extremists but if this attack was an act of revenge for what the pope said, then it shows how ignorant those criminals are and how much blind hate they have in their hearts because that church is an orthodox church, not a catholic!

But No, this is not about the pope's "offensive" remarks and I cannot find any motives behind such attacks but hate; hate for everything that represents peace.

Regardless of the motives of the attack, the government and its security apparatus are to blame for not providing sufficient protection for Christian worship places after the terrorists declared their intentions to launch a wave of attacks against these sites.

Ironically, instead, the interior ministry announces a plan to provide more protection for mosques and Husseiniyat.

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