Thursday, September 14, 2006

For the first time ever, they spoke the truth!

After finishing his tour in the Middle East, Kofi Annan says most region leaders told him the invasion of Iraq and its aftermath have been a disaster.
A disaster for whom, is the question…

Speaking about his tour of Middle East nations, Mr Annan told reporters:
"Most of the leaders I spoke to felt that the invasion of Iraq and its aftermath have been a real disaster for THEM...They believe it has destabilised the region."

For the first time I agree with what dictators, despots and apocalyptic nutcases said!
I'd just replace "the region" with "their thrones" to make the statement correct.

Did the "invasion and its aftermath" destabilize the region from those leaders' perspective?
Absolutely yes! The Syrian Baath regime lost its eastern twin, Iran lost its anti-American, anti-Semitic western neighbor and the family-state in Saudi Arabia suddenly found itslef with a northern neighbor where minorities and majorities both have shares in governance.
Moreover, the peoples of the region, since then, became more daring in demanding their rights and criticizing the policy of their governments.

If this is not instability, then what is it?

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