Monday, January 17, 2005


Iraqi sites guide has linked to a message on (voice of Iraq).
The message calls all Iraqi politicians, journalists, thinkers and writers to boycott Al-Jazeera and not to accept any invitation from this network to appear on its shows, especially Al-Ittijah Al-Mo'aakis (the opposite/direction).

This program tries always to show the real Iraqi patriots as traitors, thieves or at least as puppets of America and the West and denies them the right to defend themselves and their points of view as the host is keen on interrupting them every other 5 words while giving the other guest (who is usually a huge fan of Saddam and other dictators) most of the program's time to say whatever he wants including using abusive language against the guest on the other side of the table. Not to mention that the phone calls that come during the program's time are filtered in a highly selective way that passes all the calls that are approved by Al-Jazeera and 10% of the calls that agree with the poor Iraqi guest.

And actually this has reminded me of an interesting thing; almost all the polls that are conducted by Al-Jazeera end up with similar results and I believe that the ratio of 81% vs. 19% is the most common outcome of these polls (need I tell you on which side these 81% are!?).

The site is accepting signatures from Iraqis inside and outside Iraq to support this message which condemns the extreme bias of Al-Jazeera regarding the situation in Iraq and the obvious anti-Iraqi, anti-democracy ideology of the network.

The message has also referred to the latest scandal related to the suspicious relationships of this network with the heads of the ex-regime in Iraq, namely Uday and Abd Hmood.
This scandal-which is not the first and certainly not the last to be uncovered-was brought to the surface in a documentary broadcasted on Al-Hurra TV last week.

Here are some pictures that show the former manager of Al-Jazeera Mohammed J. Al-Ali and Faisal Al-Qassim who runs the particular show I mentioned above with Uday, Abd Hmood and the Iraqi Intelligence officer in Doha/Qatar (why am I not surprized?)

12345 (sorry for the poor quality; this is all I could find)

More than 861 Iraqis (including myself) have signed the message until this moment.
Here's the link to the message (In Arabic).

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