Sunday, January 23, 2005

I just want to add a short comment regarding this…thing.
Zarqawi claims that the rule of the majority violates the principle that laws must come from a divine source.

Has he forgotten that the opinion of the majority was respected in the early days of Islam? Has he forgotten that the prophet himself used to ask the citizens of the "Madina" for their opinion (and folow it) in more than one ocassion when a critical decision-making was needed?
I'd like also to ask Zarqawi another question: if the majority was to mean the Talibans or the radical Wahabists, would he be against that majority?

Let's ignore the ridiculous content of the tape and the sick ideology of its source and let's move to the motives of releasing this tape at this time.

Frankly speaking, I think there's a good possibility that this tape is either fake or mere show-business because this tactic used to be Saddam's defense method against rumors; whenever there was a rumor about him being sick or injured he would appear the very next day, all the day on TV, radio, newspapers and even toilet papers to prove that he's still alive and in power.

So it could be either Zarqawi himself trying to prove that these rumors (thanks Roger, I haven't been watching TV lately) are just rumors or it could be one (or a group) of his aides using his ghost to keep the people living in fear and to cover their loss.

Anyway, if the tape was true, then it isn't going to make any difference, because the people here already know that Zarqawi and his criminals are against the elections and they have realized that those terrorists will try everything to stop the elections from happening.

I mean, the threat didn't appear out of the blue; it was there all the time and despite that threat, the people have made up their mind and expressed their willingness to vote and take the risk.
Hundreds of car-bomb attacks and nearly 2 years of killings haven't stopped the majority of Iraqis from declaring their will to vote or to run for offices. Now is it possible that a stupid tape can do that? I don't think so.

If we agree to live in fear for one day then we're going to live in fear forever.
Today, the terrorists are using the elections as an excuse to murder the "infidels" and they will never run short of other insane excuses in the future, they will find something else; maybe soccer will justify Jihad against the "infidels"!

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