Sunday, January 23, 2005

Our friends over at the Iraqi NGO "Friends of Democracy" have launched their websites that provides election news service just this morning.

It's now up in both, Arabic and English languages. The Arabic Site also provides free Arabic blogs using the recently created "Arabic blogging tool".
They're receiving many daily reports from a bunch of reporters distributed all over the country with the efforts focused mainly on the events related to the preparations of the "Electoral Commission of Iraq" and the Iraqi political parties for the 30th of Jan elections, as well as the people's opinions, concerns and hopes regarding that historic awaited day.

I can tell that their reporters are not as "professional" as the ones working for AP, Reuters or other news agencies and they don't use the same fancy equipment but I found their reports informative and worth reading as they provide access to news, observations and fine details from the daily life in the various cities of Iraq; the kind of things that are considered by the MSM as 'tiny and insignificant news'.

You will also find some posts that included interviews with government officials, politicians and ordinary people on the streets; with a ton of interesting photographs; covering different aspects of life in Iraq in these days.

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