Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The race to the white house is about to end and the results will remain unknown till the last moment. Many readers have asked for our opinions and I still see that it's not important whom would we favor, as it's the American's decision and we respect that and trust that they will make the right choice, for their own nation and also for the world. Instead I decided to put some of the opinions of Iraqis and Arabs who responded to A poll in the BBCArabic website asking the Arab readers how do they expect the elections to go and what would it's effect on the Arab world, especially Iraq and Palestine would be.

Most of the comments till this moment came from Iraqis (11 out of 43 and I have translated all of them) and the rest came mainly from Egypt, Jordan and Palestine. The contradiction between Iraqis and Arabs was more visible this time. While most of Iraqis who posted their opinions favored Bush strongly, the Arab readers showed distrust in the American system saying most of the time that it won't make a difference, with some of them favoring Kerry mainly (as some of them put it) because they hated Bush and his policy.
Here are some of the comments:

I expect the elections to take a course similar to that happened in 2000 because the support to both candidates is close, and no doubt Mr. Bush=s victory would have a positive effect on Iraq and Palestine, as he had made solemn commitments about this.
Ahmed Talib Al Ta'ai-Baghdad-Iraq.

I wish Arab regimes would have half of what the Americans have of freedom of expression and participation in deciding their future.
Fartis Adil-Basra-Iraq.

There will be a great competition between the two candidates but I expect Bush to win. As for what will happen for Iraq, I believe who started the war is the only one who will finish it. Bush has toppled Saddam the tyrant and I'm sure that some Arab rulers are afraid that their fate will be like Saddam's.
Rasoul Jamil-Iraq.

Bush has won in Iraq and Afghanistan and changed their regimes, and now his role is over and it's time for Kerry to finish the job and stabilize the conditions in both countries in addition to start the efforts to topple the regimes in Syria and Iran, and thus the "Big Middle East" project would be completed.
Amal Al timimi-Ba'aquba-Iraq.

Nothing will change. I wish Kerry wins just because I like the change, and maybe this would stop the war on Iraq and the brutality of the Zionists against Palestinians.
Ra'ed Mahmood-Amman-Jordan.

Victory will be for Bush because he works to secure the interests of his country and this is what the American voters want. I don't wish Bush to win because I like him, but because I hate the Arab dictatorships that he terrorized when he toppled Saddam.
Saif Ali-Nassyria-Iraq.

Bush will win because he's the best, while Kerry is not ready to confront the hot issues in Iraq and Palestine.
Nazar Al Jaf-Germany.

I expect the American voters to chose Bush because he's a conservative. The American society is changing to the Christian fundamentalism which doesn’t differ a lot from Muslim or Jewish fundamentalism.
Aymen Zahry-Qairo-Egypt.

I don't really care who will win, as they're both two faces for one coin, but if Bush lose I'll be definitely happy and it would worth to be a national anniversary in Iraq!

Most Iraqis favor Bush because he needs to finish what he started, while Kerry might bring the Ba'athists and Saddam back to power.
Mohammed Aboud-Baghdad-Iraq.

President George W. Bush will win and the "Big Middle East" will become a reality and all dictatorships will fall.
Karhad Karmity-Holland.

I wish with all my heart that Bush lose, not because I like Kerry but honestly out of hatred for Bush.
Mohammed Al Mansour-Madina-Saudi Arabia.

I think Kerry=s win would be in Israel=s best interest, as he would cancel Bush's project in establishing a democratic Muslim nation in Iraq that would be an ally to America and which would form the greatest danger to Israel=s position as the biggest and strongest ally to America in the region.
Sarmad Al Iraqi-Germany.

All the American presidents are faces for one coin! Anyone of them get elected starts approaching Israel without any consideration for the rest of the world. This is their policy and their train always travel on the Zionist railways regardless who the president was.
Sabri Anas-Al Jeeza-Egypt.

I'm not very informed about Bush or any other candidate but logic says that this is the president who will save the world from terrorism and fanatics. President Bush is always serious in his words and does not back of if he sees in it the common interests of his country, like what he did in Iraq. By God's will he will win and I'll be the first one who congratulate all who wish him to win.
Al Muhannad Al Baka'a-Baghdad-Iraq.

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