Monday, November 22, 2004

Friends of Iraq.

Spirit of America has started a wonderful contest called “Friends of Iraq blogger challenge” in which bloggers compete as individuals and teams to see which blog can collect the largest sum of donations to one of the multiple projects that these great guys are doing in Iraq.

We have chosen the “Friends of Democracy” project and we are honored to be part of SoA noble task to participate in spreading the values and culture of democracy in Iraq and we are happy to see this wonderful group of friends and colleagues compete together in this blogger challenge to help the largest possible number of freedom lovers allover the world to have a role in making history through helping to build a free democratic Iraq.

Many great bloggers have joined the challenge till now, like Roger L. Simon, Buzz Machine, A Small Victory, Chrenkoff, Winds of Change, LGF, Sisu and lots of other wonderful bloggers.

I don’t know what the prize for the winner will be, but Roger L. Simon says it’s a baseball hat, and despite the strong competition from major bloggers that have joined the contest till now, we still dream of wining this hat and our hope is strong in you to help us get this priceless award that means so much to us.

Anyone cares to help Iraq and help us win this contest can donate through Iraq The Model here (we are now in the fourth rank for individual blogs, so please give us a push upward!) or you can donate through any of your favorite bloggers here, and any blogger wish to help by joining the challenge can do it here.
Let's make history, let's have fun!


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