Monday, November 29, 2004

Few weeks ago, we published a letter that was written by a group of Arab and Muslim liberals and this letter is intended to be sent to the UN and Security Council to call for establishing an international tribunal for the prosecution of terrorists.

Dr. Jawad Hashim (the Iraqi minister of planning in the 70's and one of the leaders of this group of liberals and intellectuals) sent me an e-mail yesterday with the final English version of the letter which you can read here.

It seems that this letter had already caught the attention of the Arab media because few days ago, Al-Arabiya TV interviewed Dr. Shakir Al-Nabulsi (Dr. Jawad's colleague). And as usual, the host tried to make this letter/project look like another circle in the chain of the Zionist-American conspiracy against Arabs and Muslims but the guest was very strong in his statements and defended his group's vision very well.

The letter still needs supports from as many people as possible regardless of their nationality or religion and anyone interested and willing to support this letter can sign with his name by contacting Dr. Jawad Hashim, here .

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