Thursday, July 16, 2009

Parliament to Replace Deputy Speaker Atiyah

From Radio Sawa:

Chief of the integrity committee in the parliament Sabah Sa’aidi said there are movements in the parliament to replace the first deputy speaker Khalid al-Atiyah. Sa’aidi called on parliamentary blocs to stand against “Atiyah’s violations of the constitution and his obstruction for the parliament’s plan to summon oil minister Hussein Shahristani for a hearing session”.
Meanwhile, Kurdish MP Sami al-Atroushi said that continued cabinet pressure on the parliament would obstruct hearing sessions for other officials.

The cleaning up of the parliament continues. Many feel the legislature was struck with paralysis because of its former leadership. Now that former speaker Mahmoud Mashhadani is, well, former, it seems that it is Atiyah’s turn to be replaced. Not a day goes by without him being criticized for obstructing parliamentary scrutiny over government officials.

It’s worth mentioning that hearing session met with approval and satisfaction among the public who believe that corruption is the main root of problems.

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